MSEd Portfolio

This page contains links to my portfolio of academic work completed towards my MSEd in Learning Design and Technology.

Competency Table

Synthesize Knowledge

Reading, understanding, and applying knowledge of human learning to solving problems.

Create Knowledge

Describing, evaluating, and applying research to solving educational technology problems.

Communicate Knowledge

Effective communication in teaching and learning activities for diverse learners.

Think Critically and Reflectively

Critical evaluations of theory vs. practice in educational technology.

Engage in Professional Development

Showing the disposition for life-long learning and continuous professional development.

Participate Actively in the Profession

Identifies and participates in communities of practice within educational technology.

Apply Instructional Design Principles

Design, plan, and develops instructional interventions using appropriate strategies and techniques.

Apply Computer-Based Technologies and Media to the Solution of Instructional Problems

Creates effective learning environments, evaluation and assessment strategies, and applies understanding of human issues with technology.

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