Engage in Professional Development

The criteria for satisfying the Engage in Professional Development competency are:

  • Demonstrates the disposition for life-long learning and continuous professional development

Artifacts for Engage in Professional Development

  1. ATDps Workplace Learning Conference 2016: Our Legacy as Learning Professionals
  2. ATDps Workplace Learning Conference 2017: Future of Learning

Justification for these Artifacts

For the Engage in Professional Development competency, I have chosen to highlight the professional events that I have attended through the Association of Talent Development, Puget Sound Chapter (ATDps). I have attended the past two Workplace Learning Conferences hosted by ATDps, which are one-day, all-day workshops that gravitate around a central theme. In 2016, it was “Our Legacy as Learning Professionals,” and in 2017, it was the “Future of Learning.”

I have also used many professional development opportunities provided by Microsoft, including internal security training, product training, and technical skills bootcamps. This isn’t something I can afford to stop; technology is developing far too quickly to stop learning.

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