About Barry

Hi, I’m Barry. Thanks for checking out my website! I’m sure you’re lovely.

I was born and raised in Atlanta, but I lack that distinctive southern drawl. I now live in Tacoma and have mostly adjusted to the general grayness. I do love the access to the outdoors here, and so does my adopted rat terrier Bubba.


I’ve always had a passion for teaching and learning. I fell in love with technology when I was young and I first started taking apart my dad’s old computers, though you couldn’t ask me to reassemble them.

My goal now is to actively be a hard-working, creative communicator who can bridge the gap between highly technical concepts and everyday language for the humans who depend on knowledge to get stuff done.

I like modern interface design. I like face-to-face interaction. I like projects that positively impact underserved communities. I like simple language and the Oxford comma. I like diversity within my teams. I like collaborating with colleagues from different parts of an organization to accomplish bigger goals.